Dark Techno Sample Pack: Complete (595 x 24bit WAV Loops and OneShots)

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Fourfloor’s Vision

From one sound to the next influential track, we believe that the greatest of ideas can get inspired by even a single simple Kick, Perc, or Stab. Complete Pack is a go-to library with 595 sounds for those who are eager to get heard.

We aim to provide non-conventional sounds that you can find only at Fourfloor. And we’ll continue to innovate for you. So you can focus on what you can do best; producing music for your soul, your fans, and the electronic music community.If you produce something that you love, share it with us, we’d love to hear from you. Send music to “promo [at] fourfloor [dot] net”

Sample Pack Demo Preview

Sounds Inspired By

You will hear influences from artists like Tomy DeClerque, Tensal, Pfirter, Flug, Ben Klock, Dax J, Surgeon, Thomas Schumacher, Len Faki, Regal, Keith Carnal, Aleksander Great, Richie Hawtin, Paula Temple, Jeff Mills, Juan Atkins, Slam, and other.

Find RAW and DIRTY sounds

You can find “RAW” folders which indicate the unprocessed and raw sounds and DIRTY folders with sounds processed through the finest saturation effects. Try both and see which one inspires you more.

In the pack, you’ll find both Loops and One Shot sounds. We recommend using both versions depending on the situation you’re in. Don’t forget loops can be used in a very creative way to create your own unique sound. Try slicing, re-arranging, and saturating loops. It’ll get you inspired.

Equipment used to create the sounds

  • Drum section sounds: generated by using modular synths and layered with Elektron Digitakt, Roland TR-8s.
    Melodic sounds: modular synths.
  • RAW sounds: unprocessed.
  • DIRTY sounds: processed by using analog processing equipment in combination with HQ digital equipment and plugins like Soundtoys.

Product Description

  • 100% Royalty-Free Sounds – For Personal and Commercial use
  • Bit Per Sample: 24bit
  • Sample Rate: 44,1 kHz
  • Number of Sounds: 595 sounds (Loops & One-Shot)
  • File Size: 654.1 MB (uncompressed)
  • Audio Format: Waveform Audio (.wav)
  • Product type: digital – download
  • Elements included:
    • 208x – Tops
    • 71x – Hit&FX
    • 44x – Kicks
    • 125x – Percs
    • 33x – Stabs
    • 114x – Synths

About the authors

This sample pack is a collaboration between the pioneer Tomy DeClerque and Aleksander Great being inspired by Fourfloor’s vision.
Tomy DeClerque is a very well established name in the industry that was regularly releasing on labels such as Terminal M, Intec, Renesanz, 1605, Phobiq, KD Music, Kombination Research, Pornographic Recording, Fourfloor.
His production is being regularly supported by names such as Marcel Dettmann, Richie Hawtin, Pan-Pot, Umek, The Advent, Carl Cox.
Berlin-based Aleksander Great, Fourfloor’s founder, and visionary, has been producing music and collaborating with musicians on different projects for over 17 years. Bringing ideas from various genres to inspire the next sound of Techno.

2 reviews for Dark Techno Sample Pack: Complete (595 x 24bit WAV Loops and OneShots)

  1. Dan

    Great pack! Lots of useful content.

  2. Veztax (verified owner)

    great package for use/abuse in any style

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